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Variations Fruit Pudding Recipe

June 28, 2015

Pudding is a refreshing snack when the weather is hot. In addition to delicious, seaweed content in the pudding is good for digestion. In order pudding is delicious and healthy , you can combine pudding with your favorite fruits. Here are some recipes pudding fruit. See original recipe:



- Avocado 3 pieces 
- Agar-agar powder 1 pack 
- 12 tablespoons white sugar 
- sweetened condensed milk 1/2 cans 
- vanilla powder (the tip of a teaspoon) 
- Salt to taste 
- 2 cups water 
- Fruit Lechi 1 can

How To Make:

- The dough is mixed all into one, namely, 2 mashed avocado, gelatin powder, condensed milk, sugar, vanilla, salt and water. 
- Cook over a small flame, then stirring constantly so that the sugar evenly especially white- Her melted and well blended. 
- Continue to boil, 
- Cut the avocado residual rough 
- Pour the order that has been boiling to the top of the mold, mix the avocado chunks 
- Wait until slightly frozen and not too hot, put the refrigerator wait until cold. 
- Open 1 can of fruit Lechi, add enough water to dilute and not too sweet, add ice cubes. 
- Cut pieces of fruit pudding and add Lechi. And serve in a cold state.

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